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Google Bowling Tool avoids suspension due to 3 Strikes Policy

Google announces a new tool that will help Ads advertisers avoid account suspension for ads that violate its advertising policies. Read More
PPC | 3 mins

New Google Policies against climate change deniers

Google will prevent Ads and YouTube advertisers from publishing and monetizing content that challenges the scientific consensus on climate change. Read More
PPC | 3 mins

7 so-called 'PPC best practices' and 1 good one!

We Paid Search professionals are often tempted to apply supposed best practices floating around to our PPC campaigns, but all too often, the cure is often worse than the disease. Read More
PPC | 8 mins

New budget reports in Google Ads

Google is going to introduce a new budget report to help us monitor our monthly ROI. Or so they say. To find out what it is and how it affects you, keep on reading. Read More
PPC | 3 mins

Goodbye to the Last Click attribution model in Google Ads

Google Ads Last Click attribution model is dead. From now on, the data-driven attribution model will become the default option. Read More
PPC | 5 mins

How to fix the 12 most common Google Ads rejections 

The rejection of one of your Google Ads ads can become a setback in your advertising strategy. Let's see how we can solve it! Read More
PPC | 13 mins

Google combines Smart Display and Standard Display Campaigns

The new Display campaigns in Google Ads will offer the combined options of Smart Display and Standard Display campaigns. Read More
PPC | 4 mins

More than 4,500 changes to Google Search in 2020

Google has revealed that in 2021 it has made more than 4,500 different changes to its Search system Read More
PPC | 3 mins

Google eliminates the Expanded Text Ads for good!

Even if the news was the chronicle of a death foretold, this decision by Google is worrying because for advertisers it implies a great loss of control over their ads. Read More
PPC | 4 mins

3 Strikes: the new Google Ads violation system

Google will launch a new violation notice system for non-compliance with the Advertising Policies. Read More
PPC | 5 mins

Form extensions to increase your conversions

Looking for a way to get your Ads to capture leads as quickly as possible? Add this extension to your Ads strategy and increase your conversions! Read More
PPC | 9 mins

Use Local Inventory Ads to boost your local business

Have you heard about Google Shopping Local Inventory Ads? Well, stay tuned, because what your physical store needs to increase sales. Read More
PPC | 8 mins