Bowing, Google's new tool, automatically finds and removes ads that violate the Ad Policy. In this way, advertisers will be able to avoid account suspension with the application of the Three-Strikes policy.

What is the new Google Bowling tool?

The Python command tool, Google Bowling, was announced on the Google Developer Bloge to help advertisers avoid suspension of their Google Ads accounts. The announcement specifies:

[...] "Bowling is a mitigation tool that allows customers to take action and remove disapproved ads before risking an account suspension.The tool audits (and offers the option to remove) rejected ads that may lead to a permanent account suspension".

The new tool is not officially supported by Google, but will help advertisers avoid enforcement of the Three Strikes policy.

Google's Bowling tool has two different modes:

  • Audit Mode: Exports all rejected ads without deleting them.

  • Delete Mode: Deletes all rejected ads and creates a log file.

A review of the Three Strikes policy

Recall that in July 2021, Google announced a new penalty system for advertisers who repeatedly violate their Google Ads Ad Policies.

This system will send a warning on the first violation, followed by three strikes for subsequent violations. After this, the advertiser's account will be suspended temporarily or permanently, with the advertiser being able to argue the case if the rejection notice is unjustified.

According to the platform, the Three Strikes system ensures a quality user experience for advertisers and their audience. Some of the ads that may trigger a rejection notice are those that encourage dishonest behavior, advertise any type of weapons or drug use.

You can learn more about this violation system in our post on the Three Strikes policy.

Google Bowling disclaimer.

Although this Python script has been produced by Google, in the GitHub repository of the Bowling tool we can find a disclaimer statement by Google.

In that statement we can read:

"This is not an official Google supported product. Copyright 2021 Google LLC.

This solution, including any sample code or related data, is provided "as is", "as available" and "with bugs" for illustrative purposes only and without warranty or representation of any kind. It is an experienced, unsupported solution and is provided for your convenience only. "# Quariz.

What Quarizmi thinks

This new tool can be of great help to advertisers who may be affected by the application of the Three Strikes policy.

Especially saving time searching for the reason why one of your ads has received a rejection notification and has been blocked. But precisely here we may encounter a problem:

The tool is not offered with any kind of guarantee.

This can cause a misinterpretation by its automatic ad filtering to have the same result as an unjustified rejection by the Three Strikes policy.

And of course, wasting you the same time and effort invested in your Ads campaigns.

So as always: Be careful with giving control of your campaigns to the Google Ads automated system! Thank you very much for reading me and see you again next week.

Best regards,

JOS (without the E)