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What to expect for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

PPC | 7 mins read

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 are here! We take a look at some of the most important facts to see what we can expect to find this year.

Other interesting

Is PPC Inbound or Outbound?

PPC | 6 mins read
Initially, PPC was considered Outbound marketing, but since it is contextual and activated by queries, it has come to be considered Inbound marketing. We explain the reasons in detail. Read More

Google Bowling Tool avoids suspension due to 3 Strikes Policy

PPC | 3 mins read
Google announces a new tool that will help Ads advertisers avoid account suspension for ads that violate its advertising policies. Read More

New Google Policies against climate change deniers

PPC | 3 mins read
Google will prevent Ads and YouTube advertisers from publishing and monetizing content that challenges the scientific consensus on climate change. Read More

New budget reports in Google Ads

PPC | 3 mins read
Google is going to introduce a new budget report to help us monitor our monthly ROI. Or so they say. To find out what it is and how it affects you, keep on reading. Read More

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the Editor

7 so-called 'PPC best practices' and 1 good one!

PPC | 8 mins read
We Paid Search professionals are often tempted to apply supposed best practices floating around to our PPC campaigns, but all too often, the cure is often worse than the disease. Read More

Google Ads removes the Broad Match Modifier

PPC | 5 mins read
Google Ads makes changes to its campaign management system again. This time we have to say goodbye to the Broad Match Modifier. Read More

Long Tail keywords: New trends to watch out for

PPC | 7 mins read
Every year millions of new search terms emerge because of the users new needs. And with them, there's new keywords trends. Read More

Google Algorithm 2021: What you need to know

PPC | 7 mins read
Google's algorithms are constantly updated throughout the year. Even in one as rare as 2020. Read More