10 Reasons Why You Should Be Bidding on Your Own Brand Name

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Bidding on Your Own Brand Name

If you’re running paid search advertising campaigns to promote your business, one smart move to make is bidding on your own brand name. By bidding on your own brand name, you can ensure that you’re visible to more searchers and that your paid ads help boost business and drive leads. Here are 10 specific reasons why you should be bidding on your own name.

1. If You Don’t, Someone Else Will

If you decide not to bid on your own brand name and you’re a familiar or visible brand, there’s a chance that your competitors will bid on your brand in order to steal clicks. Don’t let competitors show up above your organic listing by bidding on your name and protecting your top spot.

2. You Control the Message in Landing Pages

If you bid on your own name, the ads that appear can lead searchers to specific landing pages that you have picked. You completely control the message in those landing pages, so you can have total control over what those searchers see and what might influence them to buy.

3. It Won’t Cost You (Much)

Bidding on your own name won’t cost you anything if you are well-positioned in organic results. When people search for your brand, they’ll see an organic link to your page — and choose to click on it, rather than an ad.

4. You’ll Double Your Click Opportunities

If you’ve bid on your own name for search campaigns, you can double the amount of click opportunities. That’s because searchers may see both your ad and an organic link to your page, doubling their opportunity to click.

5. It’ll Boost Your SEO

While not directly connected, the success of your PPC campaigns can also help boost your SEO success. While clicks on paid ads aren’t directly factored into SEO score, they can help boost things like overall traffic, trustworthiness and click-through rate, and these things do ultimately does help your ranking.

6. It’ll Boost Your Reputation

In addition to improving your SEO score, bidding on your own brand name can help boost your reputation. By ensuring that your brand dominates the entire top of a page of search results, you look like you dominate the market or industry — and help boost your reputation with people who search for you.

7. It Can Encourage People to Call

When you place search ads in your brand name, you can also include a “click to call” button. This allows people to call your company with the simple click of a button — and, in turn, encourages them to get in touch. Adding a click to call button to your search ads helps boost the chance that people become leads and develop a relationship with your business.

8. You Can Bury Bad News

Hopefully, there’s not too much bad information out there about your business. But, in case you’ve gotten any bad press or received any bad reviews on review sites, you can help bury that information by placing search ads in your company name. Paid ads push down search results, and they up the chances that they’re not seen by people searching for you by name.

9. You Can Control the Messaging

In order to ensure you end up at the top of organic results, you have to optimize the site title, description and meta tags. However, with a paid ad about your brand, you can completely control the messaging and wording without having to worry about optimization. (You can also change this messaging whenever you want.)

10. You Can Capitalize on MOFU or BOFU Leads

Searchers who already know the name of your company are already considering buying from you. They are further down the sales funnel than a searcher who discovers your business for the first time by searching a relevant keyword. Thus, you can experience a higher ROI on your ad investment, because you are placing an ad in front of people who are already somewhat likely to make a purchase.
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