8 Reasons To Focus On Paid Search Marketing With Successful SEO


8 Reasons To Focus On Paid Search Marketing With Successful SEO

You rank number one for a high priority keyword in your organic results. Congratulations! But you could be doing even better if you also showed in paid ads.

A  Google research indicates that a number one ranking keyword will benefit from an accompanying ad, as paid ads provide 50% incremental clicks. This means that when paid listings show alongside their corresponding organic listings, the click-through rates (CTR) of paid ads increases.

So, what you would have to focus on is the higher search visibility and the increased probability of driving more clicks to your website. And therefore it is critical to understand the significance of working on PPC and organic rankings together.

As per the results of a recent study by Nielsen Research, a brand name that appeared in both organic and paid search results received 92% of total clicks, while it attained only a 60% of total clicks when appeared only in organic rankings.

Why is this so?

You are not bidding on the priority keywords. And this absence of paid search campaign results in reducing the chances of enhanced visibility in search engines. Combining SEO with PPC efforts gives you an increased exposure in SERPs. When done correctly, SEO and SEM combine extremely well.

Say you are in the top 4 positions of organic results. But gaining a place in the paid ads (appearing in the top two or three positions on most SERPs) gives you an edge over competitors.

Why Incorporate Paid Search Marketing?

I briefly described you how paid search marketing with SEO affects your results. Let’s jump over the reasons that why is it so important to focus this style of marketing besides having a successful SEO strategy.
The eight primary reasons are listed here:

i- Ranking On First Page:

You can no longer deny the fact that users go to any of the top 5 results of SERP. They do not even bother to look at the results beyond these rankings. So, your business must be in the Top 5 results on the first page of search engines.

SERP will create more brand awareness and amplify your brand’s credibility.

With paid search marketing, you will be having an instant exposure on the first page of Google among the top most ranks (in the sponsored advertisements section). So, when your ad positions above your organic ranks on the first page, chances for you to have an impressive conversion rate are high.

ii- Non-Volatile Ranking:

Another reason that I have always stressed upon is the non-volatile nature of Ad ranks. Although, you have put hard efforts in SEO and acquired a place in the leading positions in organic rankings.

But these organic rankings are volatile. You are not sure when you cannot be found anywhere due to the constant algorithm updates by Google.

On the other hand, the ad ranks are consistent, and once you have got the right ad position, you will have more control over these positions as compared to the organic ones.

iii- Fruitful Source Of Remarketing:

What else can be more exciting then converting your expected leads into buyers?

This is where PPC further leverages your marketing efforts. It is a useful source of remarketing that allows you to convert the visitors of your website into buyers successfully.

For example, you executed an ad campaign to let the target prospects download your software, ebook or whitepaper or other inbound marketing efforts. But they were not ready to take the desired action that moment. Through PPC, you can re-execute the campaign targeting those specified leads to remarket your product. So, you will have more chances to bring them down to your sales funnel.

iv- Increased Conversions and ROI:

Incorporating paid search in your marketing arsenal, you pave the ways for enhanced visibility in search engines. Naturally, having listed in top organic results as well as the ad ranks will increase the probability that user will click on your website’s link. This automatically results in increased chances of higher conversions and ROI.

Key Point: While placing your advertisement, I highly recommend you not to send traffic to the homepage. This is because when the user searches for a particular product/service, he wants to have the exact information. And the home page is not targeted to accurate information (about the product/service).

v- Thorough Testing Of Ad Campaigns:

This factor is the one that I find crucial while explaining the significance of paid search marketing. The Ad campaigns can easily be edited, changed, tested and optimized to witness the results, while the organic results are difficult to be tested, edited and optimized. 

So, you are comfortable in finding out which combination of keywords and budget works best for you.

To see the results of any change, you have to optimize a landing page altogether so that the changes will reflect in organic traffic.

vi- Higher Relevancy:

Google has always worked out to bring the best results to its users. And these results are significantly estimated by relevancy. Like organic rankings, the Ad ranks are also calculated as per relevancy metric.

So, the users will come across the most relevant results, and advertisers will also be able to receive a qualified and relevant traffic to their websites.

vii- Targeted Or Broad Audience Reach:

The paid search aids you to reach your target audience as per the needs. With the advanced settings of Google Adwords (and other paid search platforms), you can target a broad audience.

Or if you want to reach a geo-specific audience, it is possible as well. For example, a donut store selling hot and fresh donuts intends to target the cities where they offer delivery service. They can easily select the cities for which they want to display ads and launch a campaign accordingly.

viii- Tracking And Monitoring Of Results:

With paid search marketing platforms, you are capable of monitoring and tracking the results of your Ad campaigns. You can have complete insights of the campaigns that how they are working.

So, you will be capable of tracking each keyword and each penny spent in executing those ads. And can discover which keywords your customers are searching for and modify your strategy accordingly to achieve the desired ROI.

Final Thoughts:

With all of the mentioned reasons, I have tried my best to demonstrate how important is to bid on priority keywords besides having top organic positions. Along with an impressive organic traffic, you must pay heeds to paid search marketing. So, you will have increased chances of more conversions and ROI.

Share your thoughts with me in the comments section so that we may learn more about Paid Search Marketing.

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