There are many ways to structure a Google Ads campaign, and today I'm going to talk about two of the most successful ways to structure your campaigns on the Search Network:


Let's start...

What is the SKAG method?

SKAG stands for Single Keyword Ad Group, also known as "Single Keyword Ad Group".

The main objective of creating this type of structure is to obtain the highest possible relevance in your ads. And to achieve this you must take into account these 3 pillars:

  1. SKAG Structure (Single Keyword Ad Group)

  2. Keywords

  3. Landing pages

How do I structure a SKAG campaign? Which keywords should I use?

Nothing better than a comparative example with a traditional campaign, to observe the differences:


An important aspect to highlight in a SKAG structure is that you are going to use a keyword with different match types in order to try to increase the level of quality and relevance of your ads, and for this you will have a specific landing page that goes hand in hand with the keyword used.

Advantages of SKAG

- Improve the CTR of your campaigns.

- You reduce the cost per conversion.

- Improve the Quality Score.

- You have greater control of search terms.

- By creating unique and personalized ads, you can reach an audience with higher purchase intent.

Disadvantages of SKAG

- You need more time to optimize each campaign.

STAG: What is the STAG Framework?

STAG stands for Single Themed Ad Group, in Spanish it is also known as "Grupo de Anuncios conformados por palabras clave sobre un Tema". This type of method is also applicable to your Google Ads Search Network campaigns.

In this case you are going to use different Keywords that are related to a single topic.

How do I set up a STAG structure and which Keywords should I use?  

Looking at the following example it is easy to see how a STAG structure works. Let's take a cleaning service as an example.


Aspects to highlight in a STAG structure

  1. We use groups of Keywords that are related to a central theme.

  2. The objective of this structure is to increase the visibility of the ads in the Google Ads Search Network.
  3. A generalist landing page is used where all the keywords used are mentioned. This will allow you to offer other services, usually complementary, that may interest your future customers.

Advantages of STAG

- You increase the visibility of your products/services.

- You need to spend much less time optimizing the campaign.

- By creating ads on products or services that are linked to a theme, you can launch up-selling and cross-selling strategies more easily.

 Disadvantages of STAG

- CPC can be higher.

- If we don't work enough on negative keywords, it can generate non-relevant traffic, and therefore a higher amount of invalid clicks.

What are the main differences between SKAG and STAG?

Let's go back to an example to make things clear:



Operationally speaking, the steps to follow to set up SKAG and STAG structures are similar.

Logically, STAG campaigns will contain a smaller number of ads because they contain more keywords of a single topic.

In short, and as always, depending on your time availability, type of product-service, technical and customization capacity... I recommend you to perform the necessary A/B Testing to reach your own conclusions.

I hope I have aroused your interest and as always, if something is not clear or you don't share my way of seeing or approaching it, leave me a comment and I will be happy to chat with you.

Thanks for reading me and see you soon