Bing introduces Automated Imports to sync ad copies from AdWords

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Bing introduces Automated Imports to sync ad copies from AdWords following a set schedule

Bing has already offered an excellent way to expand PPC advertising reach. For a long period, an advertiser has been able to run same ads on Google Adwords and Bing adCenter platforms simultaneously. Porting Adwords campaigns into Bing Ads has been an advantageous attribute in online advertising.

Now Bing adCenter steps ahead by offering automatic syncing from Google Adwords. This ‘Automated Imports’ option frees campaigns owners from the headache of manually updating corresponding campaigns on both platforms. Now synchronized ads in Bing will automatically adopt the changes that you made to your Adwords campaigns.

So, now advertisers do not have to remember to update ad copy in Bing because ‘Automated Imports’ will do it on behalf of the advertisers. Whatever the change is, new ads, campaign budget, keywords, keywords bids, negative keywords, tracking, ad extensions, location targeting, etc.major, ‘Automated Imports’ will update the change into Bing adCenter.

The principal platforms Bing AdCenter, and AdWords are dominating the PPC marketing. Automated Imports is undoubtedly making the marketers to be few steps ahead to lead the marketing field.

How to Schedule Automated Imports:

Initiating and scheduling automatic Imports is not a tough or complicated task. This actually follows the same process what you manually do while importing. Bing adCenter tools display the new options at the end of the importing updates, and that is scheduling the auto syncing.

You will be asked to set-import it now, import on a later date or import on recurring scheduling. You can set the automated imports on the campaigns into daily import, weekly import or into the monthly import.

The most professional part is that you can view imports schedule as well as the history and you are free to pause or edit the schedule whenever you need as well as changing the settings. It also offers to review previous 90days automated imports.

The summary will tell you which campaigns are set to automatic imports. If any error occurs during syncing, you can view it from the report.

Though this import system cannot translate all the Adwords optimization into Bing adCenter, it helps low budget campaign owners update their ad copies uniformly.

Step by Step Guide to set up Automated Imports

Follow the below steps to schedule auto import-

  • Open the Bing adCenter tool and click on the Import Campaigns
  • Select Import from Google Adwords
  • Now you have to sign in to Google by entering Google Adwords login details
  • Select that Google Campaigns you like to import
  • Now in Import section you can make adjustments if needed
  • At the very end of the import process you will be prompted with the options- Import Now, Later Date/Time or Import on Recurring basis (Daily, Weekly or Monthly)
  • Confirm the schedule you wish to continue
Now the ad campaigns are ready to be imported automatically!
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