Paid Social

With the rise of social media in recent years, Social Paid has become the third channel of advertising investment. In this section you will find articles related to the best ideas to help you get the most out of your investment or simply to keep up to date with the latest changes so that your strategies are always at the forefront.

New Smart Bidding Conversion Value Settings

The new Conversion Value rules will allow marketers to adjust Conversion Values based on characteristics such as location, device and audience. Read More
Paid Social | 3 mins

Are your Ads consuming a lot of resources? Ask Google

Does Chrome's browser show you your Ads as blocked? Maybe you're not aware of the latest Google requirements.... Read More
Paid Social | 3 mins

Your Google Shopping strategy may be wrong

Today, many companies choose to invest most of their budgets in Google Shopping. It may give the false feeling of being more profitable and comfortable, but it is not. Read More
Paid Social | 6 mins