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Google combines Smart Display and Standard Display Campaigns

The new Display campaigns in Google Ads will offer the combined options of Smart Display and Standard Display campaigns. Read More
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More than 4,500 changes to Google Search in 2020

Google has revealed that in 2021 it has made more than 4,500 different changes to its Search system Read More
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New Smart Bidding Conversion Value Settings

The new Conversion Value rules will allow marketers to adjust Conversion Values based on characteristics such as location, device and audience. Read More
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Three Strikes: the new Google Ads violation system

Google will launch a new violation notice system for non-compliance with the Advertising Policies. Read More
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Form extensions to increase your conversions

Looking for a way to get your Ads to capture leads as quickly as possible? Add this extension to your Ads strategy and increase your conversions! Read More
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Use Local Inventory Ads to boost your local business

Have you heard about Google Shopping Local Inventory Ads? Well, stay tuned, because what your physical store needs to increase sales. Read More
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Negative Keywords: how do they affect your Ads strategy?

It's just as important to select the correct keywords, as the ones that are not. That's the negativization of keywords. Read More
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Google Ads removes the Broad Match Modifier

Google Ads makes changes to its campaign management system again. This time we have to say goodbye to the Broad Match Modifier. Read More
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Long Tail keywords: New trends to watch out for

Every year millions of new search terms emerge because of the users new needs. And with them, there's new keywords trends. Read More
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Google Algorithm 2021: What you need to know

Google's algorithms are constantly updated throughout the year. Even in one as rare as 2020. Read More
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Limitations for alcoholic beverages and gambling Ads

Google will allow users to limit the ads related to alcoholic beverages and gambling that are shown to them. Does this affect your campaigns? Read More
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Bidding strategies on Google Ads: How can they help you?

Choosing a good bidding strategy can be the cornerstone of your campaign's success or failure. Let's take a look at what Google offers. Read More
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