Simple tricks that will help you improve your Google Ads campaigns

If you have decided to invest, or if you already invest, in Google Ads, it is important to make sure from the beginning that in order to get a good performance of your campaigns you make sure

  1. That your ads are perfect.

  2. That they are optimized and attractive to your customers.

  3. That your conversion rate is as expected.


In this post, I'm going to tell you some of my tricks for you to evaluate yourself if you are bidding for the right keywords, if you make the most of the possibilities that expanded text ads offer, if you have all the possible ad extensions, if you already have remarketing in place and if the loading speed of your websites is ideal. I hope all this helps you validate how good your ads are.

1. Are you bidding for the right Keywords?

One of the critical elements of any campaign is the identification of keywords. It is fundamental that you find those keywords that act as triggers and trigger the views of your ad.

Simply speaking, for me there are three different types of Keywords. Each of them is defined by the number of words that make it up.  

For me this syllogism is 100% of the time:

The more words the Keyword has, the greater its specificity and, the greater its specificity, the greater the purchase intention of our potential customer.

These are the three types of keywords that I contemplate:

  • Short-Tail Keywords: For example, "hotel".

  • Middle-Tail Keywords: For example, "hotel in Madrid".

  • Long-Tail Keywords: For example, "central hotel in Madrid with garage".
En este gráfico se muestra cómo de específico es el Long-Tail

Someone who is looking for something very specific is at a step in the sales funnel that is very close to buying. They know what they want and they want to buy it now. If we can give them what they are looking for, we are very close to closing the sale.

I know that managing a Long-Tail campaign is very complex, but I still recommend you to use all the Keywords of this group that you can. It is the best way to capture leads with great interest in buying.

La mayoría de las búsquedas en Google son Long-Tail

Google Ads has right now in the Keyword Planner a new tool in Beta called "Refine Keywords", which can help you start generating long tail keywords.

The original Short-Tail keyword, "shoe", can be enhanced by brand, type, gender, color, functionality... resulting in a Long-Tail Keyword of the type "black tennis shoe for girl", that anyone searching has a clear interest in buying something like that.

Imagen de Afinar Palabras Clave de Google, aún en Beta

If you have previously defined this Keyword, your CPC will be lower than in Short-Tail, and the relevance of the Keyword-Search Term binomial will be so high that it will allow you to be in the top positions despite having achieved that much lower CPC. This way you can compete on equal terms with Short-Tail and broad match keywords, which is not bad at all, don't you think?

2. Are you getting the most out of Expanded Text Ads?

Expanded Text Ads have a considerable impact on PPC campaigns right from the start.

By offering additional space for relevant content, they are an excellent way to show more details of your product or service.

If you want the performance of your ads to improve, it is important that you do not forget to complete the following fields of available information:

You have 3 "Title" fields, and only the third one is optional.

  • The titles appear one after the other and separated by a vertical bar ("|").
  • The third title is displayed more on mobile devices. It will appear more frequently on mobiles with wide screens.
  • Title 1: Include the brand name or main value proposition in this field. Maximum 30 characters.
  • Title 2: Set the context for the Description here. Maximum 30 characters.
  • Heading 3: Add more relevant information, such as years of experience or offerings. Maximum 30 characters.

The visible domain is based on the domain of your final URL and can have 2 path fields to add more accurate information, which does not have to be an existing URL:
For example, the actual URL can be exampleshoes/girl/summer/booties which could be displayed in one of the 2 routes as www.exampleshoes/bootiesforgirl.

  • There are also 2 "Description" fields, which with 90 characters can be used to launch the right message: from showing the benefits of your product, overcoming the pain points of your customers, or launching a powerful "Call to Action".

  • And more and more important: expanded text ads are optimized for mobile devices.

3. Have you already added ad extensions?

It is very important that you obsess over this statement and repeat it like a mantra:

The more space my ads take up on the screen, the more likely it is that customers will click on my ad. The more space my ads take up on the screen, the more likely it is that customers will click on my ad. The more space my ads take up on the screen, the more likely it is that customers will click on my ad. The more space my ads occupy on the screen, the more likely it is that customers will click on my ad...

How can you increase that space?  With Ad Extensions.

There are many useful extensions, I will list some of the most popular and effective ones:

Placement Extensions

They help any user to place you on the map, as they show your address, map or distance they are from you.

Featured Text Extensions

You will be able to highlight something that makes your offer special and unique. In the following example, the real differentiator is the free, same-day delivery.

Call extensions

Your phone number is displayed in the ad: In case the search is made from a cell phone, the number is clickable and allows you to make the call directly.

Lead Form Extensions

In Search ads and once clicked, a form is opened to collect user data, avoiding the traditional ad-landing-form model.

Application extensions

Through the ad you can access your website to learn about the application in question, or directly download it and install it on our mobile device.

Site Link Extensions

Allows the user to access what he/she wants to buy or learn about, and the advertiser to show more intensely those parts that interest him/her.

Seller Rating Extensions

The little stars and reviews that accompany listings have a big impact on the buyer's mind. They give reliability to your product description and are a great last minute boost.

Price Extensions

If your ad appears in the first position you can add relevant information about your products-services, and also show the price of each of them.

Promotional Extensions

They allow you to show in the ad an offer, a specific promotion, a discount... which is essential as a trigger to close the sale at that moment.

4. Have you already created remarketing campaigns?

If someone comes to your website and does not perform an action, it is likely that they will continue searching on Google for the product or service you offer. In these cases, remarketing in Google Ads is an almost perfect solution!

Let's say someone searches for "Digital Marketing Agency". 

Thanks to remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), you can have your ad shown to people who have already visited your website but are still searching.

If you want to get the most out of remarketing you need to be very specific. Take advantage of the fact that you can set up your remarketing campaign in great detail, so that your ad is shown to people who, for example, have read your website testimonials,

  • Have read the testimonials on your website and have stayed on that page for more than five minutes.

  • Who are also located in Spain.

  • And who live in Barcelona.

  • And have searched for the keyword "Digital marketing agency".

5. What score would you give to your Landing Pages?

If you want the user experience and Google's evaluation to be positive, it is essential that the Landing Page and the ad always go hand in hand.

If you sell shoes, your ad must be related to shoes. If your user clicks thinking that he is going to reach a shoe store, you cannot allow him to reach a fruit shop under any circumstances. Their experience will be unfortunate, the bounce rate will be too high, and Google will penalize your Quality Score. You will be throwing your money away!

You also have to frequently check the loading speed of your website both on desktop and mobile. Google provides you with tools that tell us how fast one of your Landings is. If you don't want them to leave at the door, speed up the loading time as much as possible, buyers have little patience and the offer is too big to let someone go who has already arrived at the door.

In conclusion I can only say that Google Ads is a battlefield and you have to be prepared to fight and win. Use your weapons well, apply your knowledge and you will be able to optimize your ads to get more clicks and sell more every day with a lower CPC.

Once again, thanks for reading me! I would love to know if you have already applied some of these tricks to optimize your ads or if you know others that are as useful or more useful. If so, or if you have any doubts and leave them in Comments I'll be happy to read them and answer you.

Best regards,