In recent years, the focus on data privacy has become evident in the digital marketing industry.

Users are increasingly wary of sharing their data with third parties and this has led companies to adapt to this new situation. An example of this is the disappearance of third-party Cookies in Google Chrome.

This is why it is more important than ever for PPC advertisers to have a way to collect their own data covered in their marketing strategy. The Customer Match targeting tool of Google Ads, allows us to get closer to the interests of our customers in a safe way for their privacy.

Usage requirements for Customer Match

In June of this year, Google announced that Customer Match would be available to almost all advertisers. This change will finally be completed by December 2021, being available to all advertisers that comply with the Ad Policies.

The different configuration functions that advertisers will be able to access in Customer Match will depend on the requirements that meet our account:

Customer segmentation functions available

Accounts with 90-day history of policy compliance in Google Ads and more than $50,000 invested in total.

Accounts that comply with the Advertising Policies

"Segmentation" settings



"Observation" setting



Similar audiences for segmentation by customer list



Manual Bidding Settings



Audience Exclusion



What Customer Match functions do

Customer Segmentation functions can help us in our marketing strategy from different points. Let's take a look at some of them:

  • "Segmentation" configuration: it allows us to recommend other relevant products or services to customers who have already made a purchase.

  • "Observation" configuration: Conversely, this configuration allows us to offer a different experience to customers on our list who may be interested in continuing to purchase our products or services. If we use Smart Bidding, the Customer Match lists aggregated in the "Observation" configuration will be used as signals on which Smart Bidding will be based.

  • Similar Audiences: Makes it easier for us to find new potential customers who share common characteristics with our audience who have already purchased.

  • Manual Bid Settings: Raise the bid offer for users who are already repeat buyers.

  • Exclusions: We can exclude that part of the audience that has already converted, but are unlikely to make a purchase again.

Easier to load Customer Match lists

Many advertisers have not known what to do when the platform prevents them from properly loading a list due to failed uploads or small list sizes. And most of these problems usually stem from incorrect form.



The platform now has a pre-load preview tool. This way the advertiser will be able to correct these errors before uploading his listing directly from the tool's interface.

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