"15% of the trillion annual searches on Google are brand new."

Surprising fact, right? Although perhaps not as surprising and unexpected as the new series of upward searches that brought the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Searches mostly related to the need to respond to the delicate situation worldwide and the management of the vital, economic and social consequences derived (in fact the term "Why...?" Had its highest search peak in 2020) . An example of this was the wave of panic related to the purchase of toilet paper.

Do you remember when it sold out like bills falling from the sky? Well, not just for marketers, but also for Google Ads advertisers… these situations were really just tickets falling from the sky.

Tickets in the form of new Long tail keywords.



Faced with this new scenario, the ads that best responded to the new needs that arose in this new wave of social panic had all the ballots to win the conversion prize. For example by offering information on "Available Stock".

And who was to say that toilet paper was going to be depleted in this way on a global scale?

User needs are changing and temporary. And of course the generic keywords that do not include all these new search terms for their ads, these opportunities are lost.

  • "How to decorate my house easy and cheap"
  • "How to entertain 5-year-olds"
  • "Tools for teleworking at home"
  • "Alternatives to public transport"

How to respond to these new terms that generic keywords do not cover? Well, this is where the advantage of using Long tail keywords comes into play.

And all the opportunities that they open up.

So let's see what other new search terms were on the rise during 2020.


1.1. Protection against Covid-19

The episode of the excessive purchase of toilet paper is just one example of the many needs that have appeared this last year and the various products that have emerged in response, which almost without realizing it have been integrated into our day to day. Among them, of course, we find sanitizing gels, masks and even mask holders.

Who would have even thought about the possibility of using masks as something totally everyday?

However, obviously the search for "protective masks ..." and "disposable gloves ..." have had an increase of + 400% compared to other years.

1.2. Social distancing

In addition to the rise of video calling platforms, online video games, chats and all kinds of services that provide some type of external socialization channel, the imposed social restrictions and general fear, have triggered searches for services and product availability. my".

Therefore, once again, local businesses that comply with the relevant measures have been able to take advantage of this situation, responding to the need for trust on the part of customers.

A trend that we will surely see more frequently throughout this year in the local environment.

1.3. Transport

Has the pandemic changed our perception of the multiple and more than established public transport options that we have today? The answer is a study by McKinsey & Co, which states that currently only 10% of users consider them safe transport options.

The 10%!

As a consequence, a new need has arisen and its corresponding solution: a new group of users who want to buy their own vehicle. Users who would never have seen themselves looking for information to buy their own car, now need to cover security and freedom needs in line with the current situation.

Meanwhile, car dealers have taken it upon themselves to put all the meat on the grill in their ads.

1.4. Family, education and telework

In the same way, 2020 has disrupted other less tangible aspects, such as concern for family life.

Quarantine periods at home, children teaching online and parents teleworking. This situation has given rise to new search terms whose objective was to respond to the reconciliation of time and above all, space, which now fulfilled more functions than usual (family home, office, school and even a substitute for leisure places) .

We meet here with parents desperately looking for ways to entertain their children who spend 24 hours at home, with search terms that grew more than 100%.

    • "How to entertain 5-year-olds"
    • "Educational toys for 3-year-olds"
    • "Swings for 4-year-olds"
    • "Movies for the whole family"

All this translates into a short fuse to trigger the sale of different products and services. And the best way to reach them is with the Long tail keywords.

1.5. Home

Spending practically 24 hours a day at home, also made a large part of the population rethink the comfort of their home, leading to an increase in searches related to DIY services, reforms and gardening services by more than 200%

Searches for home decor ideas increased by 300%, as did searches for living room design proposals, which rose 200%. Including those related to wall televisions and their design proposal, which soared by 400%!

Well, what else could we spend so much time on at home?

Cooking, of course!

The kitchen was another protagonist of the quarantine periods, with a sharp rise in searches for cooking recipes and of course, necessary kitchen utensils.

1.6. Self-care

But not everything has been to become better cooks. With all this time at home and the world on hiatus, other points have also been reconsidered on a personal level, perhaps somewhat abandoned: our own personal care. Both physical and mental.

The growing trend to take advantage of the confinement at home to get the batteries with the improvement of the physical condition added to the users of the gym that suddenly were left without access to that fundamental piece in their weekly routines has represented a great opportunity for the market. Proof of this were the growing searches for home gym equipment (+ 300%), fitness apps (+ 200%) and home exercise routines (+ 100%).

On the other hand, mental body care also experienced historical search peaks, such as searches related to yoga exercises and meditation for beginners, and even lists of relaxing music.

1.7. Work reinvention

According to a Glassdoor  study, 52% of the Spanish workforce was looking to change jobs during 2020. So with the acceleration of the quarantine period to rethink these types of decisions, there has been an increase in searches related to new jobs that were based on teleworking.

Among them we find "Online jobs for ..." with an increase of 100%, "Data management" by 200%. Even the job search as a stockbroker saw an increase of up to 50%!

As a consequence of this situation of evident job dissatisfaction, there has also been an unprecedented growth in the creation and sale of online training courses.



Despite the circumstances, practically all sectors have found in this crisis a new way of expanding their business. Even with new services to offer.

Obviously, contemplating the integration of Long tail keywords within your PPC strategy, you will be able to cover the practically infinite range of needs derived from the continuous changes that our way of life entails. Although it is also true that in the face of such a large range, the manual management of all these keywords (generation of new keywords, classification and monitoring of results) can cost you an amount of time and resources that you may not have.

Everything has a price. And it is a pity that this price makes you leave out of your strategy the results that you could obtain.

Although there is an alternative: the automation of the management of your Ads campaigns.

The use of a series of automation tools for the generation of thousands of long tail keywords that make you take advantage of the opportunities of all these upward search trends and the creation of ads adapted to them.

And this is precisely what Quarizmi offers you.

Use automation technology and artificial intelligence to go from being a slave to managing your campaigns, to dedicating your time to tasks more important to you.

So if you want to know more about us, you can contact us here and we will be happy to inform you


And well, I hope this information has been useful to open new doors in your Ads campaigns to new possibilities. You never know where a new opportunity will come from, so be on the lookout for the always unpredictable new trends!

All the best,

JOS (without E)