Should you let Google Optimize your AdWords Campaigns?

"Walter White saying: No, Google, Thanks but I do it for me!!

Should you let Google Optimize your AdWords Campaigns?

Advertising your business for the very first time can be quite daunting. It should be as close to perfect as possible, as proper advertising heavily influences your business and it costs money. Regardless of how impeccably you set up your advertisements, it is only natural to have still a nagging feeling that something just isn’t right.

Once you finally start your first Google AdWords campaign, you suddenly get a call from a Google AdWords Specialist. They offer you the chance to have Google reviewing your AdWords campaign for you – optimization, set up – the whole package. Moreover, Google will do it free of cost. W-O-W!

In the midst of all your stress, it seems like a dream come true, right? Well, before you decide it’s a no-brainer, let’s look at a few important points.

How does your company benefit from such an excellent offer?

The most powerful draw in this scenario is that Google itself will be handling the optimization of your AdWords campaign. Presumably, your services will be taken care of by a professional AdWords specialist, who will revise your campaign and suggest a few changes. The campaign will be fixed according to Google’s criteria. Might sound quite reasonable, in fact, who knows AdWords better than Google does? But also, who has more interest in making as much money as possible out of AdWords as Google does?…

And how does Google benefit?

This is the most important question in this scenario. What does Google get out of optimizing your AdWords campaign? Well, you already have the answer – when something is offered for free, you can bet it isn’t.

Google makes a vast majority of its money from advertising via AdWords. AdWords is known for contextual advertising. Companies who are putting up the advertisements only pay Google after people click on those ads. But there’s more to the story. The network can also advertise on partner websites and blogs, and take a cut of the pay.

In a nutshell, what happens is that Google gets all your advertising money. They will aim to get as much money out of you as they can. They will use the broadest relevancy keywords, meaning more clicks for Google. They will use Broad match type keywords meaning more impressions and clicks for Google. So, now that you know the real scenario behind the free AdWords campaign management, here are two more reasons why you should never let Google take care of your AdWords campaign.

AdWorks Specialists do not know anything about your business; probably they do not understand any business at all.

The AdWords Specialist who will be taking care of the optimization of your AdWords campaign is neither a businessman nor a marketer. Instead, it is a regular employee with no real incentive to perform. Hence, understand he does not have any clue of the insights of your business or your market, and therefore your campaign will not be as brilliant as you would have thought initially.

He won’t spend any time thinking about how peculiar and unique your business is. He will not try to understand it and therefore, be able to write the most compelling ads direct to the customer’s hearts. And so he will fail to reach through and connect with potential clients. With no heart and no suffering, with just the well-learned theory, the specialist will not make your campaign boost!

They will design campaigns more focused towards Google’s interests, than yours

The AdWords Specialist, being an employee of Google, will naturally set up and optimize your campaign in such a way that it benefits Google more than it does your business. The advertisements will be designed to generate more clicks for Google. Keywords used will be relevant in the broadest sense. In fact, the Google Support website recommends “starting with broad match to maximize your potential to show your ads on relevant searches.” This, of course, means your impressions will increase, and probably also the number of clicks you receive.  But if your ad appears too often for searches that aren’t relevant, it’s just easy money for Google and a complete waste of money for you. Besides, do not forget that these broad match type keywords have the lowest CTRs and conversions.

In addition to keywords, Location, Network, and Device Targeting will also be set up as widely as possible, all aimed at increasing the clicks for Google. They want more and more control over your campaigns, so they can set them up in the most benefitial way for them.

And now, Google even wants to write your Ads with Ads Added by AdWords….

"screenshot of ads added by adwords"

And the claim is that ad groups where these ads are added may see performance improved by 5%-15%. The funny thing is that Google makes their ads live, they do not create them as a draft. That’s great if you trust Google 100 percent, but what if you want to review your ads before you start paying for them?

Bottom line, Google has control over the configuration or our campaigns, our keywords and now our ads…

People may feel uncomfortable with so much unsolicited help, and the question is, should all this help come from Google?

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