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BERT or how Google understands better!

  The internet is full of articles online about this news, but we wanted to update you on this nonetheless. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at what BERT is and point you to several resources that’ll give you a broader understanding of what BERT does. Welcome,...

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Our Top 3 PPC Metrics

Our Top 3 PPC Metrics Although it may seem a no-brainer, KPIs are bound to your business goals. Always. So, to clarify, they are not a factor of the PPC campaigns performance.  If your business’ goal is sales, or leads, or whatever, that’s the true and only KPI for...

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The New Google AdWords Exact Match

"The new adwords exact match"

The New Google AdWords Exact Match If you’re like me and have a business that you advertise online, there’s a good chance that you take advantage of Google AdWords. One popular option for Google AdWords that many people choose to use is exact match keywords — which allows us...

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Should you let Google Optimize your AdWords Campaigns?

"Walter White saying: No, Google, Thanks but I do it for me!!

Should you let Google Optimize your AdWords Campaigns? Advertising your business for the very first time can be quite daunting. It should be as close to perfect as possible, as proper advertising heavily influences your business and it costs money. Regardless of how impeccably you set up your advertisements,...

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Easy Guide on Google Customer Match

"Google Customer Match picture"

Easy Guide on Google Customer Match Google Customer Match is a much-used remarketing format in the PPC retargeting platform. This retargeting format offers an enhanced interface to target potential customers. Previously it was unavailable in Google PPC platform to re-targeting distinct audiences, but Customer Match (CM) has opened the...

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How AdRank impacts your Cost-Per-Click rate and position in the SERP

"AdRank formula"

How Does AdRank Work? The desire to be number one is ubiquitous. It is also the essential problem Google has tried to solve with the introduction of AdRank. In any given keyword search, there are normally hundreds of millions of websites that want to rank at the top. Human...

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Google Expanded Text Ads Dateline Jan 31st

"Google Expanded Text Ads"

Google Expanded Text Ads are here! Google brought one of the biggest changes in AdWords in July 2016. Traditional AdWords text ads are going to be replaced with expanded text ads, which will appear with double headlines and long description message. In Google’s words: “Expanded text ads are the...

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