User-controlled Semisupervised
cAmpaigns BuiLdEr

The USABLE tool (User-controlled Semi-supervised cAmpaigns BuiLdEr) allows the efficient revision of campaigns.
Technology we feel comfortable with!!


Although our algorithm system works by itself in most cases, we sometimes need to review the various components that form a campaign.

Among these, we have the distinct elements that form each of the ads, the keywords that activate them and the destination page of each Ad.

The USABLE tool allows us to review this in a quick and efficient manner


Thanks to this view, in a single view we can identify, for example, data related to complex interactions between keywords and ads.

Among its many advantages is the important time it saves and the efficiency virtually impossible to achieve with manual treatment.

Besides, it allows us to go beyond the views offered by Google Ads and identify, among others, unwanted behaviors in the various elements of the campaign


On the other hand, USABLE offers resources created to correct the typical errors that we can find in campaigns. These errors could be the unwanted results of the various changes done to campaigns or changes to the rules of the platform.

Therefore, thanks to this tool, we can detect minor points of improvements quickly, and this allows us to offer an impeccable service to give our clients the best quality Ads experience.
At Quarizmi, We Are Proud to Meet Google Ads’ Highest Quality Standards
As our Google Premium Partner certification demonstrate.

The words of our Clients

  • “Quarizmi makes you get used to such good campaigns with such controlled results that, in fact, we only review them because it is our responsibility but not because it is necessary.”
    Adrey Vigne
    Adrey Vigne
    Digital Marketing Manager - UVINUM
  • “We partnered with Quarizmi to get more control over our search campaigns. We also wanted to try out their automation and AI technology to maximize the return on our investment in Search.
    We discovered the team is extremely receptive, to the point that they are now working as an extension of our internal team. As for the results, we saw an immediate increase in the number and quality of leads that we received. ”
    Axel Hinojosa
    Axel Hinojosa
    Director de Publicidad Digital -
  • “Expanding and making the most of our investment with no additional work from us has been incredibly simple with Quarizmi.
    We are really satisfied with the performance of our accounts, especially in the Spanish market.
    Although, without a doubt, the best thing is the peace of mind of knowing that we are in expert hands and that they treat our business as their own. A true partner ”
    Wayne Aziz
    Wayne Aziz
    Director de Operaciones -
  • “The results of Quarizmi are spectacular. They have achieved an incredible increase in conversions, and they have controlled the cost per click at all times.
    This has led to year-after-year growth far beyond our initial targets. ”
    David Plaza
    David Plaza
    Director General -
  • “We only had a few 30-minute meetings to establish our objectives before they started to work. Quarizmi did all the rest.
    The most impressive thing is that they achieved the objectives in only four months. It was ambitious - they had to grow our campaigns tenfold - and they did it in four months. Total success! Congratulations to the Quarizmi team and its technology of the future!” ”
    Jon Agüera
    Jon Agüera
    CTO -
  • “Quarizmi embraced the challenge of implementing a complete and centralized strategy in twenty markets, helping us to increase our investment and ROI without increasing or overloading our internal team.
    It is now our third year working with Quarizmi, and the results keep coming. Thanks to them, during the lockdown, we have kept selling as before”
    Sam Kay
    Sam Kay
    Socio Fundador -
  • “We are thrilled with the results of our collaboration with Quarizmi.
    Choosing Long-Tail searches brings up new valuable traffic very simply, with no need to intervene in the campaigns ourselves and with no additional internal resources. ”
    Judit Griecs
    Judit Griecs
    Head of SEM -
  • “We are lucky to be able to work with a partner that knows what he’s doing, who understands the Paid Search better than anyone, and who is totally focused on it.
    The focus of Quarizmi on PPC automation is truly groundbreaking. Not only have they developed a reliable service, they have also found new ways to face our everyday challenges. ”
    José María Calvo
    José María Calvo
    Consejero -
“Quarizmi makes you get used to such good campaigns with such controlled results that, in fact, we only review them because it is our responsibility but not because it is necessary.”
Adrey Vigne
Adrey Vigne
Digital Marketing Manager - UVINUM

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