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In less than a minute, you will get a downloadable report with details on the health of your account, and tips on how to minimize unjustified expenses and improve your results.

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What Will You Get

You will get a downloadable report giving you valuable information for managing your account, and two valuable gifts:

1. 100 Long-Tail Keywords Related to Your Ads

Totally free, and in less than a minute, you will get a list of twenty “new” keywords and ads that you can download and add to your campaigns so you can start converting them into clicks as soon as possible

2. A List of Negative Keywords

Our tool will also give you a series of negative keywords to add to your campaigns, so you can start optimizing your investment right away.

How We Generate the Report

To generate the Health Checker report, we will need access to the recent historical data of the account to be analyzed.

To do so, Quarizmi’s Health Checker tool will use the Google Ads’ Application Programming Interface (API) with the user’s consent to access the information.

This is why you will need to give permission to quarizmi.com to “Manage your Google Ads campaigns.”

Why Do We Need to Access Your Account Through the API

Although it sounds strange, it is a Google requirement that we cannot avoid.

However, what we do is make sure that your data will be kept by us for only the time required. Your information will be totally safe at all times, and we will not use this access for any other purpose.

Google Premier Partners

First, as Google PREMIER Partners, we are committed to ensuring the highest levels of security in safeguarding the privacy of your data.

Our privacy policy is written in clear and direct language so it is easy to understand. We invite you to read it here.

What Data
Will Be Downloaded?

We will exclusively download the minimal historical data necessary to do the analyses.

This data shows the recent performance of the account. Specifically, it includes a report of the ads’ performance, a report of the keywords’ performance, the segmentation of devices, and more.

With Whom se
Is the Data Shared?

No one. As we have said, we only use your data to generate the report. Once the report has been generated, it is automatically erased.

How Long
Is the Data Kept?

Until the final report is generated. Not a minute more.

How Is the Data

While we have access to your data, it will be temporarily stored on an Amazon AWS platform. AWS Cloud Compliance details the security control of the platform. There is nothing more secure.

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